The Adopt-A-Buoy Program

The Adopt-A-Buoy Program was set up to add buoys to areas of the lake to give our members more shoreline protection, but it needs your cooperation to be successful.  If you are an adopt-a-buoy volunteer, PLEASE CHECK THE BUOY ANCHOR CHAINS AS SEVERAL WORE THROUGH ALLOWING BUOYS TO BRAKE LOOSE LAST YEAR.  After inspection, please make sure you place the buoy out approximately 350 feet from YOUR shoreline.  At the end of summer take it out of the water and store it for the season.  Remember - if you adopt a buoy, ‘you put it in, you take it out.’ Please contact Gary Laiter at 773-750-4049 for any buoy information changes/updates.

NOTE: The DNR does not control the shoreline buoys, but will assist us whenever possible.  Any persons using the lake for recreational purposes should be aware they can be ticketed whenever or wherever the Officer believes they are disobeying the law and rules of the lake, no matter where the buoys are placed. Copies of the Rules of the Waters are available at the
Bass Lake Marina or on line at the DNR website.

The BLPOA Board of Directors